Tuesday, 6 September 2011



Friday, 2 September 2011


I haven't been around the blogging world for quite some time now, well I have been on twitter and tumblr but I don't count that!  I wont bore you with the details of my life but lack of internet and my life taking many leaps and bounds in directions I didn't expect are the reasons for my absence.

I figured I'd do a little post about me given that it's been a while and I have changed quite a lot apparently, it's hard to notice these things when you're on the inside.  Blogger has also changed which was a little confusing but I'm a fast learner :)

I think in my last post I was still a trainee teacher, well now I'm undecided as to whether teaching is really for me, to be honest my main reason was that I just didn't feel mature enough.  I just needed space and time to grow and not deal with large amounts of stress which I just couldn't cope with.  I now have no idea what I'm going to do as far as earning money is concerned but I'm sure I'll find something at some point in the future :)

I have also not been blogging as I just felt that I was writing and talking about my life more than I was actually living it!  I have been living life, definitely not to the fullest extent that I can, but everyone needs a break and some quiet time to themselves once in a while.  I have definitely been forcing myself to do things that normally I'd shy away from, but I haven't regretted one thing yet and to be honest the only time I've ever really regretted anything is when I've shied away, it's a working progress but I'm so happy at the moment.  I just haven't had the time to sit and worry about life and think about the things that get me down.  Of course they get to me and those thoughts are always in my head, but I've just kept myself busy and tried to surround myself with fun interesting people :)

Garden at my mums

I am actually living back in Yorkshire at the moment.  I do love Yorkshire it is beautiful, but it's the place I want to be when I get old, the place I want to move back to.  I miss Liverpool so much!  I do intend to move back as soon as possible and I've been back twice now and I'm actually typing this whilst in Liverpool and I'm here for a week.  A whole week of catch up with friends, science in the pub, lots of tea and meeting bloggers!  I am out for drinks with Alex tonight and I'm hoping to bump into Alex and Helen at the food festival in Sefton park on sunday.  I am very excited! :)

Whilst I have been in Yorkshire I have been taking 2-4hour walks each day.  Excellent for the fitness and health and there is such beautiful countryside no matter what direction you walk in so it seems a waste to not use it whilst I have the free time allowed by joblessness!

To finish I share some photos from my walks :)

images were taken using my iphone and linked from my instagram hence the poor quality

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Elephants and dreams

Life has been incredibly hectic recently!  I am surrounded by paperwork which sucks and is such a waste of trees it makes me sad :(  I had a lovely relaxing bank holiday weekend in which I didn't do very much, which was bad considering I had an interview yesterday.  I did enough prep for it, but you always feel you could have done more.  I didn't get it which was gutting but I am glad at the same time since I've been told things about the school that would have swayed me against it.  It was a very old fashioned school, that's what happens when it's run by nuns, and I was there 8hours and I didn't do more than an hours worth of stuff the rest of the day was spent sitting around waiting!  Is any other job interview like this or is it just for teaching?  It's such a draining and disheartening waste of time.  Ok so I got feedback at the end and I have gained experience but really 7hours sitting and waiting and only having the other candidates to talk to it's the most awkward thing ever!  I'm not a talkative person but boy did I talk that day!  I came home cried for a while and the bf comforted me and bought take-away indian for tea to cheer me up :)

Today I came home to a package from london wishes which was a giveaway from the always wonderful and beautiful Laura at a daisy chain dream  I received two gifts rather than one thanks to the generosity of london wishes! :)  I received the necklace I asked for, a beautiful elephant pendant and a lovely bracelet that has dream written on.  It was the perfect time since after yesterdays awful interview I'd kind of given up on having dreams about how I'd like life to be so it was a good kick back into dreaming of life :)  I would have got back there eventually this just got me there a lot faster :)

There were lovely notes on the back of the cards and they came in lovely pouches :)

The necklace which you can find here.  I'm not wearing it now as I've just got in from school and I need a shower after a day of teaching!

And the wonderful extra which you can find here.

Only one more sleep and then another 4day weekend!  So pleased with this though most of it will be spent buried in paperwork I shall still make the most of it with a trip to the beach on Friday.  Yes I know the wedding is that day but I'm sure I wont miss it as it'll be on the news and all anyone will be talking about but it should mean the beach is quiet unless lots of people have the same idea.  Either way it'll be a fun day out :)

What are your weekend plans?  You doing anything for the wedding?